E & R Ballroom Dance has been active in the ballroom dance community in Victoria since 1995. It started out as McGregor Dance Studio and has recently gone through reorganization following the loss of Elizabeth McGregor's first husband Lee, and then addition of a new co-owner that has had an accompanying name change to E&R Ballroom Dance.

Elizabeth and Ron Smailes are the current owners of E & R Ballroom Dance and do the majority of dance instructing themselves but have a teaching team of five assistant dance instructors whom cover our expanding additional classes and regions. (see About E & R Team)

E & R Ballroom Dance sole focus is to teach couple dancing, which encompasses:

  • Social Ballroom (American and International styles),
  • Latin,
  • Swing
  • Nightclub.

Our major clients are the recreation centres serving the areas of:

  • Victoria,
  • Sidney,
  • Saanich,
  • Gordon Head,
  • Oak Bay,
  • Esquimalt,
  • Westshore,
  • Sooke,
  • Shawnigan Lake,
  • Mill Bay,
  • Duncan
  • Cowichan Lake.

If you are looking for a dance class in anyone of these areas above check out that recreation center's program guide or view our group classes page.

Can't find a dance class in your recreation center? - Why not email the recreation center or give them a call and ask for one. E & R Ballroom dance works as a contractor for the recreation centers and only when the recreation center thinks there is a demand for a dance class will it allow it to be scheduled. We work closely with the recreation center programmers and suggest dance class, but not all classes are scheduled. You may also email us with any questions or suggestions for a class.

We also instruct for other local ballroom dance organizations like the Victoria Ballroom Dance Society, and we support local ballroom dance competitions through sponsorship and student participation.

E & R Ballroom Dance also maintains a private dance studio were we can offer private lessons for students needing extra coaching, or getting ready for a special occasion, such as a wedding. The studio is occasionally used for small group classes for dances that do not require moving around a large dance hall. (See Private Lessons and Wedding Preparations)

E & R Ballroom Dance organizes fun, friendly and social events for students to practice, and take to the dance floor what they are learning in class. E & R Ballroom Dance makes use of the local recreation centres as venues for these events.
These events include: