1) Couples and singles are welcome, however, even numbers, and therefore a partner, cannot be guaranteed. It is recommended that you register with a partner or contact us well in advance so that we can try (but cannot promise) to match you up with someone.

2) There is a possibility that one or more classes may be taught by a sub-contractor due to illness or some other unavoidable absence on our part.

3) If you are unsure which class is right for you, please contact us to discuss it, so that we can make recommendations.

4) Mid-term enrolments are possible but please contact us first so that we can discuss cost, space availability, and your individual situation to ensure that you are enrolling in a class which is right for you.

5) Classes have to meet minimum registrations to run, and spaces are limited, sometimes to as few as six couples, so maximums are in effect also. For this reason, PLEASE REGISTER EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT FOR YOURSELVES AND OTHERS. Registration is on a first come, first served basis, and we cannot hold spaces for you without payment. Some classes fill up quickly, and others can be cancelled if everybody waits until the last minute to register and it appears that there is not sufficient interest for the class to be viable. If you try to register for a class and it is full, ask to be placed on the waitlist and you will be contacted if someone is unable to attend and space is available for you.

6) Once you have registered and paid for a space, it is no longer available for another couple, and we may have to turn others away. On the other hand, a class may have achieved bare minimum registration required to run, and once we have committed to run that class, it would be unfair to cancel. For this reason, please note the following cancellation & refund policies: - more than 4 days notice - 100% credit to be applied towards a future class - less than 4 days notice, but more than 2 days notice – 50% credit to be applied towards a future class - less than 2 days notice, or missing a class mid-term – no credit available

7) A 24 hour cancellation policy applies to all private lessons. Once a time slot is booked for you it is not available for anyone else and we may have turned other business away.

8) We understand that sometimes unexpected medical and family emergencies can occur at the last minute and cause you to have to back out of a class that you are registered for. Should this happen, you must contact us immediately and if possible, we will try to be flexible.

9) If a class has to be cancelled by us, for any reason, and it is not possible to make up the class in a manner that suits everybody, all registrants will receive either a full refund or credit towards a future class.

10) These policies are applicable to our private lessons and group classes taking place at the Prospect Lake Studio. The Recreation Centres have their own policies, which they would be happy to show you upon request.