Approach Our approach is designed to get you up and dancing quickly in a social setting, and to provide the opportunity for you to progress as far and as fast as you want, perhaps even going so far as to join the competitive circuit.  We can help you realise your goals in a fun, friendly and supportive setting.

1: Begin

Here the focus is on fun as you begin to learn to dance using a variety of simple starter steps to get you up and dancing quickly.

  • Levels 1, 2 and 3 introduce you to a selection of the most popular ballroom dances.  
  • You will learn the following dance styles - Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Jive, Cha Cha & Rhumba.
  • We introduce the basic techniques required to be a smooth and confident social dancer.

    Or you may try one of our several mini courses that focus on one dance style at a time and learn a number of fun, social variations.

2: Improve

Now we focus a bit more on technique, to help you improve your dancing skills, and feel comfortable in the ballroom dance community.  

  • While still having fun in a social setting, we focus on technique to improve your overall dancing skills. 
  • New figures are introduced in the most popular dance styles you already know from levels 1, 2 and 3.
  • In Pre-Bronze and Bronze level classes we add Quickstep and Samba.
  • In one of our several mini courses you can focus on one dance style at a time and learn a number of fun, social variations.

3: Strive

This is all done in one class called Beyond Bronze which is offered every term as you strive to better yourselves as dancers

  • This class is offered every term but in each term we focus on different dance styles
  • We include a mixture of review for added polish and confidence plus new material to add variety and interest
  • You can expect more focus on technique to improve the overall quality of your dancing
  • Many students continue to take this class term after term, year after year, to keep their dancing skills fresh, improve their technique, and incorporate new figures

4: Achieve

For people who want to achieve an even higher level of accomplishment we offer medal test preparation classes.

  • These classes focus on strict international-style ballroom syllabus and at the end of the class you can take the medal test, which is optional.
  • Medal tests are available at the bronze, silver and gold levels, in both standard and latin styles
  • Dance routines will be developed for you, incorporating all the figures specified in the international-style syllabus  appropriate to the level and style of class.
  • These routines are also suitable for social dancing, should you decide not to take the test.
  • The value is in the process, as setting a goal, and working together with your classmates towards a common end, motivates you to improve your dancing, and develops friendship and camaraderie.